It’s almost Christmas! Here’s how you can stay green while shopping

Have yourself a merry green Christmas…

Last minute Christmas shopping, writing cards and wrapping presents, cleaning the house in preparation for your guests…there are so many tasks to complete in the run up to Christmas that trying to be ‘green’ at the same time is easy to forget.

That’s why Daily has come up with top ten tips on how to inject a little ‘green’ into your Christmas without breaking the bank or spoiling any of the festive fun!

  1. Wear and Care this Christmas and add some eco to your festive wardrobe. Why not rock the office Christmas party eco-style this festive season? Visit for a list of eco fashion labels or check out our favourite Ada Zanditon’s Autumn Winter collection. Also, Daily’s laundry range means that you can wear high end fashion and care for it and the world around at the same time – perfect for the busy festive season
  2. Buying a real tree? Visit the Forest Stewardship Council website to make sure your precious pine has been farmed sustainably.
  3. All of Daily’s range is now made from Plant-astic – a sustainable plastic made from sugar cane. This means that if you choose Daily this Christmas to deal with your dirty plates, wash your best table linen, and keep your home clean, not only will your home be free from chemical nasties but also the packaging you’re choosing is better for the world around you too! And it just got easier – Daily’s online shop means that you don’t have to worry about heavy shopping bags either.
  4. Use last year’s Christmas cards to make this year’s gift tags – cut out the pictures and thread through some cotton – hey presto, recycling at its best. Don’t forget to save this year’s cards to use in 2018!
  5. Treat your guests to some eco luxury – pop some Daily Hand Wash in the bathroom and try Daily Room Fragrance to keep your house smelling fresh
  6. e-Christmas cards – why not try Facebook, Twitter or email rather than snail mail to send your seasons greetings?
  7. Banish those stains – gravy and cranberry sauce stains are rife on Christmas day. Remove them with ease Daily’s Stain Remover – so effective it’s been awarded a Which? Best Buy
  8. Travel together – try car sharing with friends and family or taking the bus to the shops to do your Christmas shopping
  9. Once you’ve filled up on turkey, Yorkshire puddings and brussel sprouts, wash the dishes with Daily Washing Up Liquid – you can even use your left over dish water to feed the Christmas tree!
  10. Recycled wrapping paper is a really easy way to score ‘green’ points at Christmas and doesn’t cost the earth. Try the selection at the Ethical Superstore.

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