Ada Zanditon at London Fashion Week

Friends in Stylish Places

If you know your Lanvin from your Louboutin, you’ll know that September features one of the most important events in the fashion diary: London Fashion Week (LFW). For the fifth year running, LFW’s eco collective Estethica will once again prove that green is the new black as it showcases the best in UK ethical fashion.

Since its creation by the British Fashion Council in 2006, Estethica has become the centre of ethical fashion in London. This year, the Estethica Collective will be supporting the work of 20 eco designers, all of which use fair-trade and ethical practices, organic and recycled materials to create desirable, cutting edge pieces coveted by some of the most serious fashionistas. The Estethica Collective aims to show that clothes bought from an upcycled jacket store can be just as fashionable as any newly-made piece of clothing.

One such designer is ethical pioneer and good friend of Daily, Ada Zanditon. Having worked with Ada on a number of eco projects, we’re huge supporters of her local, ethical approach to fashion design. Ada’s signature style centres on digitally printed patterns and sculptured, structured shapes, all created from locally sourced, sustainable materials and made with as little waste as possible. Her aim is to create clothes that are as green as they are glamorous, and her collections feature both on-trend designs and future classics. While in the past, Ada’s pieces have been inspired by everything from bees to geometry, this year she cites her inspiration as “seahorses, Greek goddesses and Haiti Kanaval”. We can’t wait to catch a glimpse of her ready-to-wear collection when it hits the runway.

LFW begins mid September and, along with many others, we’re looking forward to witnessing the ethical fashion world’s take on a new season of style. Our passion for fashion stems from a love of innovation; we’re inspired by anyone who takes a greener approach and does things differently. Of course, it works both ways – the reason designers such as Ada love Daily is because our washing powders, liquids and conditioners are kinder to both their beloved pieces, and our beloved environment.

With such a natural fit between Daily and the fashion world, you can expect plenty more ethical fashion news to come. Watch this space!