Cleanercise: You can workout whilst doing the housework!

Cleanercise: You can workout whilst doing the housework!

If you’re struggling to find time to hit the gym and worried that those household chores are mounting up, we’ve come up with an ingenious way to combine the two: Cleanercising.

Frankie, Dancing On Ice’s star skater, fitness fanatic and Daily lover has accepted our challenge to turn everyday cleaning tasks into thigh-trimming, tum-toning, energy-giving exercise routines.

Watch Our Cleanercise routine to find out how you can feel good (and healthy) while you clean.

Our Top Cleanercise Tips

“I am always looking for new ways to fit everything into a busy day. By Cleanercising, you stay healthy and your home stays sparkling. Here are just a few of the effective exercises that can be added to household chores.

Maximum mopping

Did you know you can burn 300 calories an hour when mopping the floor? Add in some full body twists by mopping side to side, plus forward leg lunges when mopping forwards and backwards, and you’ll be working your tummy, legs and arms even more. You’ll feel the benefits in no time!


Worktop and window work-out

Clean worktops and windows with a mix of small, fast circular movements and long over-arm sweeps. A full body workout can be achieved, honing the core muscles, tightening the triceps, shoulders and back. Switch hands every 5 to 10 times to work both sides evenly.


Bicep bottle

The gym isn’t the only place to tone up; your home contains some great workout props. Fill two empty Daily bottles with water and use them as weights to tone your arms – starting with eight bicep curls followed by eight triceps dips. End with a resistance exercise; raise the bottle out in front of you at a 90 degree angle and hold them there for as long as you possibly can – a great one for strengthening your arms (not to mention your determination!)


Wiggle and stir

Wiggle your hips and have a spin when cooking up a storm in the kitchen – in the time it takes for you to whip up a delicious and healthy main course you’ll have burned an additional 200 calories. And instead of sitting down while the veg is cooking why not practice your dance moves? You’ll love it and your body will too!


Wash and glow

Work out while you wash up with some glute-firming rear leg lifts. Turn up the radio and, using the sink for balance, raise your leg behind you whilst holding your stomach in. Complete eight on the right leg before changing to the left leg, and repeat until your favourite song has finished.”