Cleaning products that are cruelty free!

A seal of approval for our love of furry things

Animals – we love them whether they’re big, small, fluffy, furry, wriggly, cute or even a bit funny looking. That’s why ever since Daily began, we’ve always been against animal testing for the ingredients in our products.

Sadly, there aren’t yet any bans on animal testing for cleaning products or their ingredients. A handful of countries have outlawed animal testing for cosmetics and personal products, but there’s still a long way to go.

Of course, we all need to know that our products are safe for our homes and families. Europe’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation helps with this by insisting that all chemicals are registered and assessed for safety, with animals used for testing only as a last resort. We believe that animals shouldn’t be used at all: using non-animal tests and existing ingredients that have already been proved to be fine is the way to do it.

We’ve worked hard to gain the Leaping Bunny stamp… for the benefit of furry, funny creatures everywhere.

Making it official

After lots of requests, we set out to make our cruelty free status official to reassure Daily lovers that no animals were harmed for the sake of the washing up and other chores. A huge part of the process was making sure we could work with the Cruelty Free International in their quest to get non-animal testing accepted and approved by the industry. Once that was all in place, we were then able to set our own cut-off date for ingredient testing. And here we are. In August this year, all our household and laundry products earned the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval. We’re happy as rabbits.

The Leaping Bunny is the trusted mark of the only international no-animal-testing certification. It’s managed by a network of animal protection organisations worldwide, including Cruelty Free International, who are all dedicated to ending the use of animals in product testing completely. Hooray.

To earn the Leaping Bunny mark, Daily needed to meet the strict criteria of the Humane Household Products Standard. This means that as well as not using animal testing for Daily, our ingredients must be animal test free too. We passed our audit with flying colours and are proud to be adding the lovely little stamp to all our household products. You’ll see it sometime soon, if you haven’t already.

A happier future for bunnies everywhere

When it comes to new ingredients, we’re committed to using alternative tests that guarantee safety for you and your family without harming anything else. We’ve worked hard to gain the Leaping Bunny stamp, and we’ll continue to invest our time, energy and hard cash into the ongoing efforts for the benefit of furry, funny creatures everywhere.

Both Daily and the suppliers of our ingredients will continue to have regular checks and audits to make sure we’re all sticking to the required standards. We’re also busy working towards certification for all our personal care and commercial products. It’s a big job but one we’re more than happy to do.

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We’re really excited about joining the Leaping Bunny programme.