Discussing plastics with Jacob

Jacob talks about plastics, Daily and this year’s Blue Mile event!!

The Daily Blue Mile’s best known supporter, Jacob, talks about why he loves the event so much and what we can all do to ensure our oceans have a brighter future.

When it comes to oceans there’s not much that Daily Blue Mile Ambassador Jacob hasn’t done. He is one of the most pre-eminent divers on the world today, supporting and leading scientific missions with the aim of protecting the marine environment. We caught up with Paul and asked him about his current projects.

“I’ve been working very hard on ocean debris,” said Paul. “From a consumer point of view, we can all do a lot to help – by becoming aware of the issue and by looking at what we do in our daily lives in terms of disposing of our waste. Each of us can make an enormous difference.”

“And I really do believe that the future is brighter for the oceans, too. The solutions that are coming up, particularly from the next generation, are really, really creative. Daily for example, is providing leadership with innovations in their plastics projects, which is of enormous benefit to us all.”

“I love the sea and in fact… I’m a huge supporter of the Daily Blue Mile. Firstly, it’s fun! And I think you can capture people’s imagination. It’s also challenging without being out of anybody’s reach and you can do it in a number of different ways – by swimming, stand up paddling or kayaking the Blue Mile.”

Paul is taking part in the Corporate Team Challenge for the Daily Blue Mile team, doing the kayaking over a one mile course off Plymouth’s Barbican on the Saturday afternoon of the two-day event. That evening, he’ll be delivering a few words at the Gala Dinner at the Boathouse CafĂ©, a fundraising event for the Daily Blue Mile’s chosen charity, the Marine Conservation Society.

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