What are Green Production Values?

Green Production Values – Q & A

Why make a TV ad?

Lots of people tell us that they have heard of Daily, but don’t know what is different about it. By advertising on TV we can share our messages with a new mix of people who may not have thought about buying our products before.

At the moment 1.2 million households use Daily, but we want more! The more people try Daily, the more we help the environment and reduce chemicals in homes.

Where else can we see Daily?

Not everyone watches TV so we’re promoting Daily in a number of ways different ways; magazine ads, in-store communications, online, social media, and at key events throughout the UK.

Where was the new Daily Feel Good Cleaning ad filmed?

We filmed in Cape Town, South Africa (lucky us!) for a number of reasons.

The Cape Town area has lots of locations that look and feel like the UK. We found local actors to star in our ad and there were some fantastic production companies that matched our sustainable values nearby. We filmed in November, so perhaps the most important reason for the choice was that we were guaranteed 14 hours of natural light per day. These longer, lighter days meant we could do a lot more filming over a shorter number of days thus reducing our environmental impact (as well as reducing our costs). Had we filmed in the UK filming would have taken weeks rather than days!

Doesn’t travelling to South Africa damage the environment?

Although South Africa does seem like a long way to go, we did everything possible to ensure we had minimum impact on the environment:

  • We used Cape Town based production teams and actors, so only 7 out of 80+ people involved with the shoot had to fly from the UK; 95% of the crew were local.
  • The production company we hired had strong eco credentials; they have their own recycling trailers and bins, and as with all their shoots endeavoured to have as little impact as possible in every location. All waste was recycled, food waste was composted to feed the garden at the production company offices, and even the loos were solar powered!
  • The caterers we used grow as much food as they can on their own land, watered with rain water and powered by the sun. Plus, they plant a tree for every five jobs they create.
  • Any leftover props and clothing used in the shoot were donated to the Ubunye Educare Centre, which works with disadvantaged children in the Cape Town area to develop their social and learning skills before school age.
  • We neutralised the carbon created through both the flights that we took and the shoot itself by contributing to two projects run by our friends at ClimateCare. The first project aims to reduce emissions and provide over four million people in rural Kenya with clean, safe drinking water. The second helps fund a forest protection project near Mombasa that empowers the local communities to be economically independent without the need to cut down the natural forest. If your company is interested in neutralising their carbon footprint, then they can take a look at the Cool Effect website.
  • We stayed in a lovely family-run eco hotel that has won a number of responsible tourism awards for its approach to the environment and social development. They take conservation seriously, instill a philosophy of sustainability, and save water and energy wherever they can.
  • Where possible we sourced and used props and clothing from responsible sources, including our friends Boden, and the models also wore some of their own clothes.
  • We shipped over as little product as possible to reduce weight and ensured these products appeared in as many scenes as we could. Obviously we left the products in South Africa so they can also Feel Good Cleaning there!

Did you meet any Daily lovers?

We were over the moon to discover that both the director Karen Lamond and voiceover artist Daisy Beaumont were already big Daily fans. Karen kindly gave up some of her time for free to work on the shoot and Daisy has always spread the word about our products to her friends and family so couldn’t wait for the opportunity to do it on national TV!

Were any children or animals harmed in the making of the ad?

The advert features plenty of children and an adorable cat named Tiggy. We stuck to the very tight rules and regulations surrounding the welfare of children and animals on set – not because we had to, but because we love children and animals, even having worked with them!

The children loved the shoot, and we think it shows. Of course, we made sure they only worked the regulated hours, their guardians were always at hand and when they were not needed on set a child-minder was on hand to keep them entertained.

Our feline friend Tiggy shares her home with seven rowdy canines and she even brought one of them, Watson, along for the day. According to her owner ‘she keeps them all under control’ so she seemed unfazed by the noise, chaos and action in the shoot… but we kept her handler and a vet nearby just in case.

How did Daily stay true to its values?

Daily have never been on TV like this before and we wanted to make sure we remained inclusive and represented our consumers equally and fairly. We hope that you can recognise a little bit of yourself in the ad.

We filmed the ad in real homes, with real people; we didn’t want any TV trickery (airbrushing and fakery is not our style). After all, we pride ourselves on our honest and transparent approach.

How are we including Daily users in 2018?

This year we will be hosting our very own Feel Good Events at some major festivals and events. As well as some great dancers showing off and teaching the moves from our TV ad, we’ll have our very own electric vehicle touring around sites and handing out samples, so you can experience a Feel Good Clean once you get home.