What is grey water and why can you use it?

Grey Water

No Need to Pull the Plug!

Did you know used Daily washing up water – or ‘grey water’ – can be put to great use once the dishes are sparkling clean?

Yes, that’s right- you can water your prized sunflowers, or your latest crop of fruit and veg- or simply keep the lawn looking lovely with your grey water.

Our Washing up Liquids contain No Nasties such as phosphates and we’ve developed our very own eco-surfactants for powerful and effective cleaning- which means the grey water from our products won’t have a negative effect on your greenery.

It’s advisable to let the water settle for no more than a few days first so the plant and mineral based ingredients can start to biodegrade. In hot temperatures it only needs to settle for a day- but after that water away!

We are passionate about creating a closed loop in sustainability and making sure the impact our products have on the environment is as minimal as possible, from the Daily Ecological factory, to your family home – and beyond.

Feel Good in the knowledge that you can recycle your grey water back in to nature and keep your garden looking healthy and clean – just like the dishes.

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