Recycling labels

A clearer label makes recycling easier than ever

Ever found yourself in a tizz about what you can and can’t recycle? We know how you feel! With so much different packaging around these days, you almost need a science degree to know what’s what.

Fortunately, the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has come to the rescue with an easy to read, straightforward recycling label.
A bit like the nutrition wheel you see on food packets, the WRAP label offers a clear explanation about which parts of the packaging can be recycled and which parts should go out with the other rubbish.

Any company can choose to use the WRAP label on its products, and Daily are excited to be a keen participant in the scheme. It’s our way of making Daily lovers’ lives just a little bit easier.

Here’s the label in all its simple, understated glory, and what it means to you:


We love the new label because it means companies have to be honest about every part of their packaging.

It keeps things simple. Recycle away!