What should you be thinking about when cleaning the toilet?

What should you be thinking about when cleaning the toilet?

Did you know Daily Toilet Cleaner is 10 times less toxic than many of the leading brands?

But what does that actually mean you ask?

These ingredients are carefully selected against very strict criteria and one area that we take seriously is the ‘aquatic toxicity’ of cleaning products, because we believe water is life. Click here for cleaning tips.

Now here’s the geeky bit – aquatic toxicity is measured by Critical Dilution Volume or CDV as we call it. CDV measures how much water it takes to neutralise each dose of a product.

The lower the ‘CDV’, means the lower the aquatic toxicity, which results in a healthier environment for all of the fishes. All of that, plus a fresh and clean toilet, now that really is Feel Good Cleaning. Find out about green products.

Wonder if any other leading brands measure their CDV?

We can always get better though and it has always been our mission to be at the cutting edge of sustainability, which means even lower CDV. Check out our green production values.

If you think that was an eye opener, have you seen our ecological factories?

Office cleaning suited to your working hours

Office cleaning agencies will also use the best products to stick with being environmentally friendly, as well as ensuring the best for their clients. When looking for a commercial cleaning service best suited to your needs, including office hours and services, it is recommend that you ask these questions so you know what your agency can offer you.

Office cleaners and commercial janitorial services should be professional, uniformed and trained to meet health and safety regulations as well as cleaning standards.

If you’re based in the Sussex area, such as Brighton, Hove and Worthing get in touch with Smart Clean at admin@smartcleanservices.co.uk.

The team at Smart Clean ensure that all staff completes work to the highest standard and within regulations. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you are sure to have a service that leaves your office looking brand new. Meet the team here.