The Secret to Powerful Stain Removal

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The Secret to Powerful Stain Removal

Our products are designed to be both powerful and kind to your clothes. Daily Stain Remover is no exception! Being convenient and easy to apply, the stain remover becomes an essential part of the daily wear & care of your clothes.

How it works?

Our stain remover is an essential weapon when taking on the laundry pile. With it’s built in brush, you simply target those grubby spots or something slightly more sinister to give you that extra dose of cleaning muscle.

Daily’s brilliant formulation is safe to use on both whites and colourfast laundry and ideal for tackling the daily grime found on collars and cuffs.

What makes it unique?

It’s a product that we consider rather special. It’s unique in design with its brush applicator. The liquid formula flows out of the bottles and into the bristles of the brush. You can use this to really work it into the stain. It’s even been known to work well for the odd carpet blemish!

Other branded stain removers need to be dispensed in the washing machine draw or sprayed onto the clothes. With Daily’s stain remover you can really target those affected areas.

Enzymes Pack the Punch

Daily Stain Remover uses enzymesbiological ingredients, which means it’s perfect on grease and protein stains like mud, blood and sweat. Hmm… does that sound familiar to anyone you know?

Plus with Daily you can rest assured that we’re using our tried and trusted plant based ingredients. Let the power of nature do the cleaning, no need for those nasty chemicals!

If you’ve tried our Daily Stain Remover, we’d love know your thoughts…