The UK Hosepipe Ban

The UK hosepipe ban

Here at Daily, it’s our mission to create products that don’t pollute our rivers and oceans.

We admit it; we’re just a little bit obsessed with water.

So we’ve been paying close attention to the latest news of a hosepipe ban. Parts of the country are now prohibited from using hosepipes ‘for recreational use’, which means no washing cars and windows, watering gardens or filling ponds and swimming pools with hosepipes. It comes after two dry winters have left reservoirs and rivers running low. Whilst few of us have the luxury of a swimming pool, most of us do enjoy our gardens – and for many it’s this love of nature that has us reaching for more eco-friendly products like Daily.

“…1/2 million Olympic swimming pools worth of water would be safeguarded against pollution…”

If there’s one thing the hosepipe ban proves it’s that we each, as individuals, play a part in maintaining our country’s and our planet’s water supply.

Using Daily can help

At Daily we think long and hard about the water we use, from its part in the production process to its role in your home. Whether or not you’re in an area affected by the ban, by using Daily you’ll be helping to prevent the wastage and pollution of the UK’s water supply:

  • All Daily products are designed to have the minimum impact on aquatic life. The biodegradable ingredients we use break down once washed away. Many chemicals do not, like optical brighteners and the wrappers on liquitabs which linger in our water supply to the extent that they can affect the water we drink. So we simply refuse to use them.
  • We pay close attention to the ‘critical dilution volume’ – or how much water it takes to neutralise a product. For example, each dose of Daily toilet cleaner takes 20 times less water to neutralise than its nearest competitor.
  • Some of our products, such as our Multi-Action Spray, don’t need any water to work their magic. Just squirt and wipe – no tap needed.
  • You can re-use the ‘grey water’ from your household cleaning tasks to water your garden. Simply leave your bucket outside for 2-3 days to allow the ingredients to break down, then slosh it where needed – whether it’s your marigold bed or marrow patch.

Our water system may be global, but individual actions really do matter. If 5% of families in the UK switched to Daily Biological washing powder from a conventional product, in excess of 1/2 million Olympic swimming pools worth of water would be safeguarded against pollution in a year – all because our Bio powder takes 5000 less litres to neutralise per dose than a conventional Bio powder. It’s a small step, but using Daily can make a big difference.

We’d love to know what you think about the hosepipe ban. Will you be affected? Do you already take measures to conserve water in your home and garden? Why not sign-up to become an Agent of Change and share your tips with other Daily lovers.