Wear and Care for your wardrobe


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‘Wear and Care’ for your wardrobe

Daily and Ada Zanditon show it’s easy to Wear and Care for your fashion

Did you know that on average women spend up to a year of their lives choosing what to wear, but only a matter of seconds choosing the how to care for their clothes?

Daily has teamed up with cutting edge eco-fashion designer Ada Zanditon to show that you can wear high end, luxury, timeless fashion and care for your clothes, skin and the world around you all at the same time. Not only is your life made easier but you’ll have an excuse to feel good about it too!

Make Wear and Care the latest addition to your fashion and beauty routine and not only will you know that your beautiful garments and fashion favourites are in good hands, but you can walk with a spring in your step knowing you are doing your bit for the environment too.

Ada is one designer whose eco-credentials and fashion style has set her apart from the rest with awards including the Fairtrade Cotton Innovation award from the Fairtrade Foundation and Ethical Fashion Forum, and recognition from the greats of the fashion world.

Ada says: “There is a lot of emphasis on the sourcing and production of clothes and how important it is to choose ethically and sustainably, so choosing to care for them in the same way is really the next logical step. If you choose your laundry products in the same way you choose your clothes, you would be making the world of difference!

“Wear and Care is about loving your favourite clothes for longer and giving yourself a little pat on the back for caring for the world around you at the same time. Daily does everything as sustainably and ecologically as possible from start to finish, thinking of all the little things that make the difference – so you only have to think about one thing – choosing it.”

Daily has a whole basket of laundry products that not only help to ensure that you can wear your latest fashion purchases or little black dress time and again, but will also help to care for them by remaining kind to the skin and the environment:

  • Concentrated Laundry Liquid – using less to wash your favourite jeans
  • Concentrated Bio and Non-Bio Powders – developed to perform at 30°C, meaning you can turn down the temperature without turning down performance, plus you’ll use less energy to keep your clothes clean
  • Fabric Softener – natural fragrances and plant based ingredients keep your clothes smelling fresh whilst being gentle on soft skin
  • Delicate Laundry Liquid – perfect for finer fabrics and hand washing your cashmere jumper and nude chiffons
  • Stain Remover – our mighty stain buster comes to the rescue to banish everything from red wine to make up – your favourites are in safe hands

Emma from Daily UK says: “We all recycle newspapers, reuse shopping bags and refill empties on a daily basis, and now it’s easy to Wear and Care with Daily. With a product to care for every garment, you can do the wearing and we do the caring!”

Now it’s even easier to get hold of Daily’s laundry range through our new online store. Visit www.Dailydirect.com and learn more about Wear and Care for your clothes.

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