What are foam boosters and why don’t we recommend them?

The truth about bubbles and washing up

Many of us see bubbles and think ‘clean’; we believe the bubblier the better, that foamier equals effectiveness and super-suds mean super-clean dishes.

But it ain’t necessarily so. There’s an awful lot of froth surrounding the bubbliness of washing up liquids… why not find out more…?

The facts about washing up liquids

So how does a washing up liquid work? It’s all down to surfactants; they’re the basic ingredients that get the job done. Some are better at cleaning than foaming, while others are better at foaming than cleaning. More often than not, when you see really bubbly bubbles it’s because the manufacturer has chosen to add less effective but foamier surfactants to make you think it’s doing a better job.

But don’t be fooled; whilst it’s true that in times past extra suds reassured consumers that the products they were buying packed cleaning punch, times have changed. We no longer need the amount of froth to summon up a streak-free sparkle. Clever science has given us surfactants that clean more effectively than ever, without producing mountains of foam.

It’s a bit like baking a cake; if the recipe called for plain flour, you wouldn’t bother adding self-raising. Bubbles are simply a superficial side effect. What they signify is wasted product.

An important question of source

At Daily, we adopt a strict ‘no nasties’ policy. The surfactants we put in our products come from natural, plant-based sources, rather than petrochemical (oil) sources. Ensuring renewability and supporting our sustainability ethos.

Our plant-based surfactants concentrate on cleaning instead of working themselves up into a pointless lather.

Say no to superficial suds

It’s time to dispel the myth of ‘the bubblier, the better’. Now you know, tell your friends; there’s no need for extra bubbling surfactants, especially those made from petrochemicals. One squirt of Daily is as effective at cleaning a sink full of cups and crockery as the rest, but with less bubbles.

Daily shouldn’t bubble, froth or foam too much. It’s just not in our nature.

We believe these latest, lower-foam formulas are our most effective yet, but we’re always looking for ways to make our products even better. As ever, you’ll be the first to know about our next big breakthrough.