What does it mean to go to rehab?

Going to rehab is the first step in every addict’s journey so they can get better.

People can go to rehab to fix any issue they are experiencing.

  • Drug addiction – an addiction to any type of drugs i.e. prescription painkillers, narcotics and other controlled substances.
  • Alcohol addiction – an addiction to any alcoholic beverage that is causing the addict to have a strong dependency on the substance.
  • Behavioural addictions – an addiction to behaviour patterns such as gambling, gaming, social media and shopping.

Anyone who is attending clinics similar to one which treats alcohol and substance abuse in Del Rio, TX is given access to addiction specialists that are there to help them during their stay.

Going to a rehab centre like The Phoenix House Santa Ana area, does not only mean having a detox and then being sent home. The purpose of rehab is to uncover the underlying issues that have a link to the person’s addiction.

The first step is admitting you need help

Someone’s rehab journey cannot fully start until they realise their addiction and know they will benefit from medical help so they can effectively recover.

It is hard to recognise changes in your habits and behaviour – but it is possible to do so with the help of loved ones that care about you and want you to get better.

Whether it is you or a loved one that may require a rehab centre, Castle Craig is an addiction treatment centre with years of experience in assisting former addicts in overcoming their addiction.

People seeking a rehab centre may have come across a number of options and are unclear which one to choose.

  • If you’re not sure which one is right for you, go to Castle Craig to learn more about their recovery centre.

The difference rehab makes

People who complete their stay at rehab are less likely to relapse and are also given the right tools that will help them form healthy habits so they can replace their previous addiction habits.

Addicts and their families may choose a residential rehab centre as they believe it will provide them with a safe environment to detox and focus on getting better.

At residential rehab centres, they do not judge any of the patients and instead focus on uncovering the reasons that may have developed their addiction – such as any underlying mental health issues.

There is no such thing as too late to get help

For free information and resources on how to get help for any addiction you or a loved one may be experiencing, please visit the NHS addiction page for information.