What you need to know about the Blue Mile

Move an Daily Blue Mile

It’s a sad truth that the world’s rivers, oceans, lakes and wetlands are under threat. Factors such as climate change and pollution are affecting water quality, along with the delicate ecological systems that many plants, fish and aquatic species rely on to survive.

To raise awareness of the importance of our rivers and seas we’re sponsoring Blue Mile with the monies raised going to the Marine Conservation Society. The Daily Blue Mile needs people like you to move just 1 mile either on or around water. Whether you prefer a leisurely lake swim or an enlivening coastal walk, you could really help the world to appreciate the true value of our water sources. And with so many beautiful lakes, rivers and coastlines to choose from here in the UK, it’s the perfect excuse to get out and make the most of them!

Registration is now live for the flagship event in Plymouth with further events around the country (including one in Weymouth in July) – find out more

Check out this video of the 2018 event!