Biological cleaning and the enzyme myth: what is the truth?

Biological Detergents: Busting the Enzyme Myth

Hands up if you think that enzymes are a nasty?

If you’re hand is up – nil point. We are here to bust a few myths that have been floating around and show you why we think enzymes are another example of what makes nature brilliant.

Enzymes are everywhere from your belly to our biological detergents, because when it comes to breaking down proteins they reign supreme. Acting as a catalyst in laundry detergents, our enzymes roll up their biological sleeves and wrestle tough protein based stains from your clothes.

As the powerhouses of the biological cleaning, you’ll find enzyme formulations across our range including Daily Bio Gel, Powder, and Liquid but without those chemical nasties.

So next time you put the washing on, sit down and relax with a cuppa, safe in the knowledge that the grass stained school uniforms will come out shining bright and stain free after using the Daily Biological range.

Put it to the test for yourself, we’ve five Daily Bio Bundles to giveaway…