Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

What are the criteria for choosing the materials that Daily uses?

Daily are committed to using plant based ingredients. By their very nature they conform to the following criteria, renewable sourcing, rapid complete bio-degradability, low aquatic toxicity and high skin tolerance.

Which plant-based materials does Daily use?

Daily uses plant raw materials such as herbs, starch and wood fibres (cellulose), rapeseed, palm and coconut oil, and essential oils from, for example, orange peel and other plants. These raw materials are either used directly or after they have been processed to ensure full use of the cleansing power of nature. During processing we try and remain as closely to the original raw material as possible. We call this soft chemistry. Apart from plant ingredients, we also use minerals and mineral derivatives, such as sand, lime, zeolite and silicate. These minerals are found naturally in enormous quantities (for example, 75% of the earth’s crust consists of silicate). There is no danger of depletion and permanent damage to ecosystems during extraction of these minerals. However the extraction of petroleum, for example, is damaging and reserves are being depleted beyond repair.

What are the benefits of using plant-based ingredients?

There are clear advantages to using plant-based ingredients:

  • there is no danger of depletion since they are produced by nature itself and are constantly replenished
  • they are fast, simple and completely biodegradable, hence, the burden on nature is minimised, which is of additional advantage to man and animal
  • their production only requires little energy, which means that the contribution to the greenhouse effect is reduced; Contrary to petrochemical ingredients, hardly any harmful or poorly degradable waste products are released during their production
  • they cause no damage to the environment. This isn’t the case during extraction, transport, refining and processing of petrochemical raw materials (think of the enormous damage done to water life, coastal areas and the local economy caused by the disaster with the Exxon Valdez)
  • oil extraction only benefits a small group (oil sheiks, oil companies) whilst the production of plant ingredients benefits a much larger part of the population