Do you expect all factories to be ecological?

Facts about many factories

Here at Daily, the methods we use to make our ecologically friendly cleaning products are as green as the products themselves. From our factory roof to the energy we use to run it, we do our best to limit environmental impact.

Take our energy supply, for starters. The Daily factory operates entirely on green electricity – the type produced by wind generators, tidal generators and other natural sources. We know how valuable energy is, so we try to make the most of it by choosing energy efficient lighting, for example, and then only using it when needed.

Although the machinery we use is standard in the industry (be it the kinds of lifts and ladders you see on that are used across several factories), we keep our energy and water consumption down by choosing low-speed appliances that can multi-task and don’t require water to clean them. For example, the motors on our mixing machines can mix 25 tonnes of Daily liquid while consuming no more electricity than a few flat irons. And we have a squeezy gadget that’s so efficient at getting every last drop of product out of the pipes, they don’t need to be rinsed through. Obviously, our machine parts need replacing occasionally, but when a part does fail we make sure the replacement is of top quality, ensuring our machines last and last.

It probably goes without saying that we hate waste, so we’re big on recycling. We keep the amount of packaging used in our products to a minimum, and make sure whatever cardboard or plastic we do use can be recycled, re-used or re-filled. It’s an ongoing process of improvement; in fact, we’ve recently developed a new kind of green plastic we like to call ‘Plant-astic’ that’s 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable – and made from sugarcane. We’re switching over to mass production very soon.

But it’s the factory itself that we’re most proud of. Cleverly designed to follow the movement of the sun from east to west, we work under the maximum amount of natural daylight – good for the power supply and good for the soul! The factory’s frame is built from pine rather than more precious timbers and the walls are constructed using Poro+ bricks. Poro+ bricks are made from clay, wood pulp and coal fine. They require less energy to bake, yet they’re light, porous and insulate well. With the help of egress stair gate, the factory could be well protected.

And finally, we have our very own green, living roof. Covered in thick, spongy Sedum, or ‘Thunder Beard’ as it’s known, it’s not just nice to look at; it also gives great insulation all year round. So effective is our Sedum roof that we don’t need heating or air conditioning – the temperature never drops below 4В C and never rises above 26В C.

You see, we don’t just love our factory because it’s pretty. We’ve been working for years to produce powerful, effective cleaning products that have minimal impact on the environment, and it’s only right that the same rule should apply to our production methods. But rest assured, we don’t expect you to save your bath water, live in a windmill or grow potatoes on your roof; just by choosing Daily, you’re doing your bit, too.